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2.Engine model:1110;
3.No of gears:6+2
4.Water cooling
5.Triangle belt:B18800 B1880 4pcs;
6.Type of tyre:6.00-12;
7.Engine type:CHANGZHOU
9.Cluch:double pc;
11.Engine brand:Changzhou
12. with electric start
Product Introduction

Walking tractor implements:

ProductPicturesProducts description
Rotary tiller for walking tractor图片1.pngRotary tiller for walking tractor
Ridger图片2.pngridger for walking tractor;
Disc Plough


Disc Plough for walking tractor
Water Pump图片4.pngWater Pump for walking tractor
Reversible share plough


Reversible share plough for walking tractor
share plough图片6.pngdouble share plough
hoe图片7.pngWorking width 1 meter, field tillage, weeding function
Weeding wheel图片8.pngWeeding wheel for walking tractor
Paddy wheel 图片9.pngPaddy wheel for walking tractor
Potato harvester图片10.pngOne ton capacity walking tractor trailer
Walking tractor trailer图片11.png1.5ton capacity walking tractor trailer
potato planter图片12.pngPotato planter for walking tractor
Stubble cuttting and chopping machine图片13.pngStubble cuttting machine for walking tractor
ditcher图片14.pngditcher for walking tractor
lawn mower图片15.pngwalking tractor lawn mower
one row corn planter图片17.png1.Fitted for walking tractor;
2.One hole one seed; 3.No.of row:one
Two row corn planter图片18.png1.Fitted for walking tractor;
2.No. of rows:2;
3.One hole one seed
4.With seed box and fertilizer box.
5.Suitable for corn and soybean seeds
Precision vegetable seeder图片19.png1.Fitted for any kind of small seeds.
2.One hole one or two seeds
Wheat seeder图片20.png1.Grain seeder with fertilizer box; 2.No.of rows:6
peanut harvester图片21.pngWorking width 55-80cm, depth 0-20cm adjustable
Strawberry ridger图片22.pngThe depth is adjustable from 25 to 35, and the bottom width is adjustable from 22 to 30.
Ridger图片23.pngRidge top width 30cm, ridge bottom width 60cm, height 30cm
reaper图片24.png1.Cut width:120cm
2.Stubble Around: 5cm
3.Laying angle:70-110 degrees
4.Placement form:Sideways
corn harvester图片25.png1. Suitable for walking tractors above 15hp
2. Adjustable stubble height
3. Machine weight: 125kg
4. Work efficiency:1-1.5 mu/h